date: 07/27/2023

The new types of mats we have recently added to our range can be roughly divided into several groups:

  • anti-fatigue mats
  • printed mats
  • modular cleaning mat systems
  • special mats

The range of classic indoor and outdoor mats, which are mostly made of nylon and nitrile rubber, has also expanded slightly.

Nitrile rubber is more durable than conventional natural rubber and has higher strength.

Visit our e-shop and see what cleaning mats we are currently offerring. Some of them we have in stock, so all you have to do is choose, pay online and you can have your mat at home within a few days.

Cleaning mats in e-shop

Anti-fatique mats

Our anti-fatigue mats are mostly made of nitrile rubber with special massage padding and are PVC-free. Standing for long periods of time can cause leg and back pain, which this type of mat helps to prevent. In addition, it ensures a safe and non-slip standing position.

Anti-fatigue mats made of nitrile rubber have better performance than cheaper PVC mats.

Anti-fatique mats in online catalog

Individually printed mats

We offer mats with individual printing, both interior and exterior, in various dimensions and of course also with customized dimensions. The outdoor mats have the look of artificial grass, can be of various shapes and colours and are suitable for trade fairs, sports or other outdoor events or as outdoor mats for shops and companies that want to present their logo in the area in front of their premises.

For example, Jet-Print Vision cleaning mats with customized graphics offer a fine surface texture ideal for printing designs with small or intricate details.

Printed mats in online catalog

Modular mat systems

Cleaning mat systems, which can be connected into various dimensions in a modular way, are another news in our offer. These are mostly solid pieces with a non-slip coating that are installed either on the floor surface or in the construction opening.

Modular mat systems in online catalog

Special mats

The category of special mats includes, for example, mats with a space for cables - these have a special passage for it and are installed on loose cables to hold them in place. They have edges with distinctive graphics and can effectively reduce the number of workplace tripping accidents.

Others include safety mats suitable for wet/wet areas (indoors and outdoors) - for example, on the floor around a swimming pool, in a sauna or in showers. We also supply mats/matting for the floor around the water dispenser to ensure that the area around the equipment remains dry and there is no risk of slipping.

Special mats in online catalog