Two-phase dirt capture

Outdoor or exterior cleaning mats are suitable wherever we assume a higher probability of outdoor dirt being introduced into the interior (which we want to save from the main onslaught of dirt, stones, moisture and other possible dirt). After the outdoor mat, an indoor cleaning mat should then be installed in more frequented areas to capture dirt and moisture as effectively as possible.

How big should the cleaning mat be?

It is proven that ordinary mats at the front door are completely insufficient in terms of dirt trapping in most rooms. A cleaning mat of at least a few steps is considered ideal in order to clean the soles reasonably effectively. In case of a lack of space, of course, you have to work with what is available when planning, but there is always a simple rule: the larger the cleaning mat, the more dirt it catches.

Colours, dimensions and other parameters

With us, you can choose everything – colour, surface (loop, cut or relief combining the two previous ones), dimensions and method of installation (directly on the floor with lead-in rubber or in a prepared opening in the floor). We can tailor everything to your needs. If you want a mat with your own motif, company logo and the like, we usually offer these solutions as well.

Maintenance of cleaning mats

All types of cleaning mats and zones require regular maintenance – the more dirty the mat, the less it will perform its cleaning function. Not only can dirt be carried into the interior from a dirty mat, but in larger quantities and dimensions they can damage the mat (for example, grains of sand can be as sharp as a knife), or prevent the mat material from drying out after a full day of absorbing moisture.

It is ideal to remove trapped dirt every day so that it does not accumulate in the mat.