Where do interior mats belong?

Indoor or interior mats function either as the second in a row when the visitor has already passed through the first (outdoor) cleaning mat; the latter then serves to remove finer dirt (dust, moisture). Alternatively, they are quite sufficient for areas with lower traffic, where they can catch most of the common dirt on the soles of shoes themselves. The surface of the interior mats can then be even softer, which absorbs moisture well and cleans smaller deposits of dirt.

Interior mat materials

Interior mats can be made of both natural coconut and synthetic materials. Our coconut mats have their own category, which you can find described in more detail here. Furthermore, cleaning mats are made of polyamide fibres, polypropylene, nylon and other man-made fibres. The fibres are firmly fixed to the substrate; they do not break, they do not fall out. The colour range is varied, from natural shades through other colours and various highlights to the possibility of inserting a company logo or other emblem.

How big a mat to choose?

However, the size of the cleaning mat should always correspond to the type of space in which it is to be installed. A different size will be needed at the entrance to the family house than in the lobby of a busy hotel. It is generally recommended that the width of the cleaning mat be the same as the width of the door on which the mat is installed. The length should correspond to at least a few steps in which a substantial part of the dirt is already removed from the soles of the shoes.

Eco-friendly base  

We care about the quality of our products, which is why we supply cleaning mats with a newly developed backing layer. The so-called s-FLX backing has the following features:

  • does not contain PVC or plasticisers
  • it is lighter and more flexible than other substrates
  • it does not stick to the floor on which it is laid
  • it is more environmentally friendly: it has 30% lower energy consumption and 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions during production
Come to our showroom to see samples of cleaning mats; we will advise you on choosing a suitable material and size directly for your premises.