About the Burmatex company

Burmatex is one of the leaders in the British carpet industry. It specialises in the production of contract carpet tiles designed especially for the commercial sector. Burmatex not only manufactures carpets, but they are also create their designs. They are constantly working to develop innovative products and designs to meet the demanding needs of the market.

In Burmatex's rich portfolio you will find tufted or needled contract carpet tiles, in a wide range of surfaces, from cut pile, through a loop surface to attractive embossed surfaces. In addition, Burmatex offers a very varied colour palette of its carpet tiles, from classic grey, blue, brown or beige to attractive shades of green, yellow or pink.

Burmatex tiles in online catalog

Creative possibilities

You will fully appreciate the colour palette of Burmatex carpet tiles when combining pieces of different colours and designs, which offer great variability. You can choose whether you want to emphasise the modularity of carpet tiles or rather choose a minimalist method of laying with almost invisible seams between the tiles. By placing differently coloured tiles, the interior can be freshly enlivened. It is also possible to arrange or rotate the parts in an interesting way. Using different arrangements and different colours, it is possible to define certain areas in space, optically divide a large space, mark the main communication routes or use the tile effect of components to make a space special and create a dynamic effect.

Advantages of carpet tiles

A great benefit of carpet tiles is the easy replacement of any part in the event of local contamination or damage. This feature is a big plus, especially in heavily stressed areas. It is not necessary to change the whole carpet, but only the damaged parts. The exchange is thus far less time consuming and costly.

Carpet tiles have a number of other advantages. Their installation is easy and fast, with minimal cuts during installation. Thanks to the high-quality backing, they can be laid without wall-to-wall gluing. Burmatex tiles are provided with a high-quality backing. It is solid, which guarantees the dimensional stability of the part and prevents its corners and edges from protruding. At the same time, it is flexible for easy installation of parts that perfectly adhere to the substrate and, last but not least, are easy to remove. The carpet squares are easy to handle during transport and installation and are very easy to store when transported by car or lift.