date: 07/15/2021

Fitnice woven vinyl is a modern floor covering made up of a woven polyester filament coated with PVC. You can say that it combines high resistance of vinyl and traditional aesthetics of woven carpets. The Spanish company Vertisol has more than 30 years of experience with the production of woven vinyl and they also produce other types of woven vinyl – for wall installation, upholstery and shading vinyl or vinyl suitable for acoustic panels.

If you want a nice rug, whether for interior or exterior, woven vinyl can solve this wish.

Woven vinyl rugs

As a floor covering, woven vinyl has several useful properties:

  • Resistance - Woven vinyl floors are highly resistant to abrasion and wear.
  • Easy maintenance - The non-absorbent surface is sufficient to vacuum regularly.
  • Thermal conductivity - Woven vinyl can be installed in combination with floor heating.
  • Original design - the unusual design can be well used in designing various types of interiors.
  • Various formats and colors - Fitnice come in rolls, squares, planks or diamond-shaped pieces etc, combining different colors and shapes to create very unusual combinations.
  • Slip resistance - The structured surface is naturally non-slip.
  • Acoustic insulation - Woven vinyl flooring can absorb impact and surround noise.

Where does the woven vinyl floor fit?

Thanks to the high resistance can be installed almost anywhere. Residential and office spaces are absolutely no problem, thanks to some flexibility, the material can even return to its original form after compression. Fitnice woven vinyl does not matter neither rain nor sun, so it can also be used in outdoor areas.

There are 5 collections od Fitnice woven vinyl for the flooring: Chroma, Panama, Wicker, Memphis and Pobo. Come to our showroom to see all the samples, we are ready to help you with your choice.