date: 09/24/2020

This creative concept allows architects and interior designers to create an area based on customer's wishes and needs. There are many available options and combinations - available size types are wall-to-wall carpets, squares or even RugX rugs.

Collection consists of 18 outstanding designs, each in 4 color types and 4 surface types (structured loop, woven, glossy velour and velour). Colors may slightly differ depending on the surface.

Kathrin & Mark Patel, designers of the collection

"We find it to be very exciting when we come across our work in day-to-day lives! Of course we're looking forward to where do we discover carpets from the FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS collection in the next few years.. in hotels, showrooms, public places - that is a fantastic vision for us! With 864 different variants of these carpets, the likelihood is relatively high according to us!"

These design carpets aren't only to be looked at, they fulfil high demands for a carpet used in frequent commercial areas, such as offices, hotels, showrooms and so on. They cannot only be installed into residential areas but also into places where they would be exposed to higher wheight requirements due to their 32 and 33 performance classification. All types of carpets are provided with an Acoustic Plus base made out of PET materials.

Minimal order size for this collection must be at least 100 squared meters.

Technical details of the collection:

  • 18 graphic designs in 4 colors and 4 surface types (structured loop, woven, glossy velour and velour)
  • Option to choose a wall-to-wall, a rug or a square shape
  • Ideal for commercial and residential areas
  • 32 and 33 weight class
  • Acoustic plus backing made out of recycled PET materials