date: 11/25/2022

ZigZag carpet tiles are a unique floor covering from our Danish supplier Fletco. On two of the four edges there are laser-cut "toothed edges", thanks to which the secondary parts connect to each other almost without any gap. The joint between them is practically invisible, and in addition, thanks to this technique, it is possible to lay tiles oriented in one direction (normally, carpet tiles are laid turned by 90⁰, which creates a checkerboard effect).

The resulting effect of Fletco ZigZag tiles is the appearance of a wall-to-wall carpet with all the benefits of carpet tiles.

Benefits of ZigZag tiles

  • Installation of all tiles in the same direction with minimally visible joints

  • Perfect connection of tiles thanks to the unique shape
  • The resulting effect of a broadloom carpet
  • Easy replacement of the tiles in case of local damage
  • High quality polyamide fibers
  • Flat woven surface
  • Laser cut tiles for high precision and avoiding edge fraying

The qualities in which ZigZag carpet tiles are produced (the dimensions of the tiles are always 50 x 50 cm):

  • Nordic – 100% PA 6.0 Ascend Ultron yarn, woven, loop surface, high load class in commercial area (33)
  • COM 1000 – 100% PA 6.0 yarn, woven, loop surface, high load class in commercial area (33)

Received design awards:

Samples of all the mentioned carpet tiles with ZIgZag edges can be seen in our showroom, both in Nordic and COM 1000 quality.

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