Woven design carpets

Carpets from special editions with a distinctive design are one of the most popular categories of woven carpets. Their patterns often differ significantly from normal production. For architects, these carpets represent an amazing opportunity to change the overall look of an interior according to the customer's vision – often there is one pattern to choose from in several colour variants, or in several different qualities.  

Most of them are limited collections designed in collaboration with leading designers.

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Hand woven carpets

Handmade carpets are most often woven on looms, made of purely natural materials – linen, cotton, silk, mohair and more. These carpets are often considered luxury carpets and thus provide a unique soft tread experience that you simply will not experience with other carpets.    

Contrary to popular belief, natural materials are not difficult to maintain, you only need to know how to take care of them properly.

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Woven runners

Woven carpets also include classic runners, which are most often used on stairs, corridors and everywhere in interiors where it is appropriate to create a distinctive path from one place to another.

We can make runners with custom dimensions and with different edge ends (border, stitching, bending to the back), it just depends on your preferences.

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Woven axminster carpets

Woven hotel carpets are called axminsters – they are an absolute classic in the range of wall-to-wall carpets, they are famous for their high comfort and long life. They are an ideal choice of quality for hotels, restaurants and luxury office spaces.

Features of axminster carpets:

  • bright colours
  • clean pattern rendition (carpet fibres are dyed before weaving)
  • colour fastness
  • high durability
  • long life

As a bonus, we offer you the option of your own pattern and width of the roll. The pattern can be any – our assistance with its preparation is a matter of course – and can contain up to 11 different colours. We can adapt the pattern and width of the roll to the specific conditions of the place – whether it is a uniform style or the dimensions of corridors and rooms.

If you did not find the carpet you are looking for, try calling us to make an appointment with us in the showroom. We will strive to transform your vision into a reality as best we can, and together we will create a carpet exactly according to your taste.