How to choose a contract carpet?

Of course, the most important factor for high traffic carpets is their durability and longevity. It therefore depends on several factors – the material, the method of production and the specified traffic class. Durable carpets most often have a surface in the form of a tightened loop and are made of modern materials with anti-dirt treatment.

When choosing a carpet, it is always necessary to first think about where and what purpose the carpet should be used for. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of all possible parameters, just call us in the showroom and make an appointment with our expert.

Traffic classes of flooring

In the classification below, contract carpets should have a traffic class in the range of 31-34, the simple ratio being that the higher the number, the more durable the carpet

Residential areas

21 - light domestic use (bedrooms, children's rooms)

22 - moderate domestic use (living rooms, dining rooms, inner corridors)

23 - heavy domestic use (stairs, entrance corridors, kitchens)

Commercial areas

31 - light commercial use (conference rooms, hotel rooms)

32 - moderate commercial use (kindergartens, offices, hotel halls, shops)

33 - heavy commercial use (department stores, school classrooms, offices) 

34 - very intensive commercial use (school corridors, cloakrooms, corridors)

Industrial areas

41, 42 a 43 - extremely high traffic commercial and industrial areas (entrance halls, collective staircases and rest areas, heavily frequented rooms of department stores, cinemas, theatres, selected operations of industry and services)

Design collections of contract carpets

Contract carpets are no longer synonymous with boring monochrome rolls. Many manufacturers are offering special collections of contract carpets, which, with their appearance and sometimes other properties, deviate from common standards.

For architects, this opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities on how to fundamentally influence the overall tone of the space with the floor.

Forum for Great Ideas collection

This collection includes 18 graphic designs, each in 4 colours and 4 types of surface (which may differ slightly in colour). This creative concept enables architects and interior designers to freely complete the space with regard to the wishes and needs of the customer, there are many combinations and options – there is a choice of wall-to-wall carpets, carpet squares or even piece rugs.

Freestile collection

16 different motifs with the names of world capitals (Budapest, Geneva, Helsinki, Tokyo...) are the basis of this very non-traditional collection of contract carpets. Unusual in this collection are especially the intelligent motifs, which create different, but always perfectly balanced design patterns with a varying placement of squares.

Thanks to the unique digital technology of motif printing, Freestile carpets gain a spatial effect and depth, which makes them a unique original.

Places of Origin collection

This collection of carpets has a distinctly ecological character – and it is not only the material (which is 100% recyclable polyamide fibre without bitumens, latex or PVC), but also the production process itself. Last but not least, they refer to nature and the names of individual carpets – Dune, Canyon, Ocean and other poetic names.

There are eight qualities in the collection, each in six different colours.


Different carpet formats

You can also choose from various formats – contract carpets can classically be wall-to-wall (in rolls) or in squares or other shapes (triangles, hexagons, trapezoids...), from which it is then possible to compose various patterns on the floor.

For example, only certain zones can be set aside in colour, or a minimalist space with simple furniture will come to life with a more pronounced pattern on the floor. The floor with a contract carpet can thus either dominate the room or, on the contrary, only subtly complement it.