Client: S&G Consulting
Author: Ateliér SPACE-K
Year: 2021
Photo: BOCA Group

Together with the architects from the SPACE-K studio, we participated in the fit-out of the interiors of the S&G Consulting headquarters for the second time - in the first stage it was a combination of four materials: smooth cement screeds, natural oak floors, soft carpets and woven vinyl. The second stage involved a large number of luxury carpets and wooden floors.

Materials and products

The intention was to create a contrast between a comfortable carpet with longer hair and a "smooth" wooden floor. The choice of specific products was not difficult: the luxury carpet Gloss from ITC was one of the favorites from the very beginning. It is a heavy-duty polyester carpet that has the necessary durability for an office (commercial) environment and at the same time a highly luxurious look that can be fully applied in a larger area.

The dark gray color of the carpet (Clay shade) blends well with the other materials used - light wood, gray-white equipment and the occasional color-contrasting piece of furniture.

The Mazzonetto wooden floor in the Chestnut Rustic design was chosen in a variant with bevelled edges, without plinthing at the walls with an admitted joint. After installing, the entire floor was still impregnated with natural oil.

When choosing materials, the choice of wood was probably the most important thing for us - not only the floor, but also the wooden wall coverings are made of chestnut, which can be seen from the ofice windows on Petřín Hill.

MgA. Matěj Špaček

Installation on a raised floor

Both carpets and wooden lamellas had to be installed on raised floors. In the case of carpets, it was a base made of chipboard panels, which had to be penetrated before, and the carpet was installed on double-sided adhesive film. We laid the wood after cleaning and penetrating the underlying calcium sulphate boards.