Client: S&G Consulting
Author: Ateliér SPACE-K
Year: 2020
Photo: BOCA Group

As an investor in the current project, S&G Consulting helps its clients increase efficiency and performance through smarter work organization, monitoring and infrastructure automation. BOCA, as a supplier of surfaces in the headquarters of S&G Consulting in Prague, did not need any such assistance, all the more energy was left for the creative conception of interiors and non-traditional methods of installation.

Compliance of diverse materials

Smooth cement screeds, natural oak floors, soft carpets and flat-woven vinyl - all this was installed together so that the resulting interior looks harmonious and not "too much".

oak floor
woven vinyl
  • In the bathroom, Microverlay screeds were used for the floor and walls, all in pure white, to make simple accessories stand out in a contrasting black design.

  • The oak floor was installed on a wooden grate with a chipboard - the reason was the moisture in the basement, so we ruled out the classic installation.
  • The ITC Gloss carpet was also not laid classically on the finished floor, but is inserted into the prepared frame in the floor so that it is in one plane with the oak floor.
  • Woven vinyl Fitnice Chroma on the wall served as a decorative element - it is installed in a wooden joinery and illuminated almost like a real work of art.