Where does a wooden floor go great?

The classic wooden floor is not only the right one for apartments and other residential spaces, but it is also a rewarding addition to commercial spaces, especially representative ones such as offices, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and more. All you have to do is choose a quality flooring that will maintain the operation needs in the intended environment.

High quality wood

In our offer you will find 2-layer floors, made from trees all ocer tge world (oak, walnut, rosewood, cherry and more). The wood is subject to strict standards of extraction and subsequent processing.

Respect for nature

Mazzonetoo is a small family business that pays great attention to the responsible handling of wood (including residual wood), but also to the use of quality care products that are harmless to human health.


The combination of state-of-the-art machinery and manual controlling makes Mazzonetto wood floors unique pieces. The final inspection of the selected wood is always performed by experienced craftsmen.

Endless possibilities

Mazzonetto wood flooring can have different flooring materials, colours, finishes, etc. – it is not easy to choose, but our experts will be happy to let you see all the samples with your own eyes and advise you on your selection to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible with the flooring.

Wooden flooring... And what about the walls?

If wood on the floor is not enough for you, there is nothing easier than to continue its use on other surfaces in the interior. Bare walls will definitely look better with wood panelling -– simple or more complex, depending on your taste. Alternatively, it is not a problem to install the same material on the wall as you have on the floor. Take a look at how it can look in our showroom, where we have finished walls in this way in the offices and in the meeting room.

Caring for wooden flooring

Despite the preconditions, caring for wooden flooring does not have to be difficult. Ordinary sweeping and wiping is enough, but special wood care products will of course not hurt either. Be inspired, for example, by the cleaning products we use for maintenance.