If you are interested in woven vinyl as a material, but do not want to have it applied everywhere, either on the floor or on the wall, the solution is simple – try a rug. Typically, it is a circle or rectangle in any size, which is only placed in places that you want to emphasise or make more cosy.  

Dimensions on request

With us, you can request any dimensions up to 200 cm (shorter side of the carpet) for your piece rug made of woven vinyl, this restriction is given by the standard width of the roll in which Fitnice is sold. The longer dimension is basically arbitrary, the rolls are 10 and 20 metres long. 

The material can be chosen from the entire Fitnice assortment; the colours are given by individual collections.

Finishing of edges

The method of finishing the edges is also optional – the carpet can either be simply bent to the back or provided with a border. It can be made of the same material in a similar or contrasting colour, or it can also be made of woven vinyl from a completely different collection. The border can also be of different widths.

Even with borders, the material can be chosen from the entire Fitnice collection.

Visit us for a consultation

Come to our showroom to see the entire collection of woven vinyl, view and touch the samples, or try out various options for combining piece rugs and borders. We will be happy to advise you and work together to make your idea a reality.

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