Realization date: 2019
Designer: room411. architects

The investor decided to completely transform the interior of the restaurant with an area of almost 600 square meters so that the result is a functional unit in a modern design. The architects achieved this by using the revealed construction of ceilings and walls, by choosing less traditional floor coverings - carpet tiles and variously shaped parts of woven vinyl.

It is these carpet and vinyl tiles (manufactured by Fletco and Vertisol) that prove how creatively you can approach interior floors today - various colors, shapes and types of installation offer almost unlimited possibilities.

Woven vinyl Fitnice and Art Weave carpet tiles have not only a distinctive design, but also sufficient durability to withstand the conditions of restaurant operation. The the contract carpet tiles in the "herringbone" laying as well as the multi-colored tiles of woven vinyl complement each other surprisingly well and the geometric shapes on the floor do not look wild in the interior.

Installation in the non-rectangular interior of the Pyramida hotel was not easy, but we managed everything on time.