Client: Scott.Weber Workspace
Realization date: 2016

Scott & Weber company offers to rent fully equipped offices in attractive locations in Prague. Their latest project is the design office in OC Atrium Flora, Prague 3. There are 35 fully-equipped small and large offices, three meeting rooms, a relax zone, a game room, a kitchenette, and a beautiful large terrace area of 800 square meters.

Attractive Fletco carpet tiles in relax zone

In office area you can find BOCA carpets and vinyl flooring BOCA installed on double floors. In the attractive relax zone with chairs near the entrance there are Fletco carpet tiles in unusual geometric shapes. The tiles have neutral colors, gray and black, but they create unusual 3D effect in the whole space. They are also highly resistant.

Burmatex carpet tiles in the offices and corridors

The corridors are covered with Burmatex Balance carpet tiles with loop pile in neutral gray colors. Communication zones are always the busiest areas, so the good flooring is very important. Burmatex Balance tiles not only have the highest wear classification for commercial use, they are also easily replaceable when locally damaged. Monolithic gray floor space can be later easily changed by inserting multiple color tiles from the Burmatex offer.

In all 35 offices are installed Burmatex Infinity carpet tiles with very practical dark gray color with melange. Loop pile carpet is highly durable and you can also change any damaged tiles as in the office area.

SimpLay vinyl tiles in the kitchen

SimpLay Stone Concrete vinyl flooring is installed in the kitchen. SimpLay vinyl flooring has a special backing structure, has very thick wear layer and is easy to maintain. It has a design of light gray concrete.

Wall-to-wall carpets from Object Carpet in boarding room and game zone

In the big boarding room near the entrance area there is installed extraordinary loop pile carpet Silver Loop from German supplier Object Carpet with metal design. The little boarding room and game zone are equipped with soft Silky Seal carpet from Object Carpet with longer cut pile. The green color is visually attractive in this corporate space and harmonizes with the other accessories in the room