date: 02/24/2023

When choosing a carpet with an individual design, you can choose from two choices - the first option is woven wilton/axminster (most often woolen carpets) and the second is a printed carpet. Although the second option is cheaper in most cases, the possibilities of digital printing are currently such that you will not be disappointed with this option either - i.e. a carpet with a print.

With modern digital printing technologies, it is now possible to print almost any chosen design on the carpet, all in high resolution and with sharp contours. Even vivid and long-lasting colors are not a problem.

Colaris - a print that lasts

Infloor-Girloon's printed carpet production process, called Colaris, ensures that the color is not applied only to the surface when printed, but penetrates deep into all fibers, almost to the backing of the carpet. This provides increased print resistance, for example even after prolonged mechanical compression of carpet fibers.

It is the result of several months of work in the laboratory, where the manufacturer tried to find the perfect printing method so that the result was any design transferred as faithfully as possible to the surface of the carpet.

Environmental friendliness was also not forgotten - with this type of printing, the manufacturer was able to reduce energy consumption by approx. 85% and environmental pollution by approx. 70%.

Infloor-Girloon carpets, which enable digital printing of individual design:

There are rolls with a width of 400 cm, in some cases even lamellas of 25x100 cm, the pile can be loop or cut (the same print will look a little different on each of them due to the different surface structure).

In most cases, the manufacturer has a minimum order quantity of 100 or 200 m2.