date: 08/17/2022

It is a generally known fact that the first impression of a company, private apartment or family home is formed by every visitor already at the front door. Cleaning mats and entire cleaning zones are thus not only necessary practical equipment, but also work as signals that co-create the image of a company or household.

Function of the cleaning mats:

  • Moisture absorption - which would otherwise be carried on the soles into the interior.

  • Sound insulation – the bottom layer of the mat, which creates a stable base, also functions as an acoustic barrier and dampens footfall noise.
  • Reduced floor maintenance costs – by keeping most of the dirt trapped in the mat, the costs associated with cleaning indoor floor coverings are saved.
  • Extending the lifespan of floors - mats prevent regular soiling of floor coverings inside buildings and thus contribute to their longer lifespan.

Where to put the cleaning mat

Before you choose a mat or cleaning zone, you need to think about the area it is intended for. Some mats can only be installed indoors, others can also withstand outdoor weather conditions, or both types can be suitably combined so that their resulting efficiency is as high as possible. The ideal length of the cleaning zone is already mentioned several steps, but it is clear that not everywhere you can put this rule into practice.

What are cleaning mats made of?

Cleaning mat materials can be divided quite simply into two types: natural and synthetic. The traditional natural material is coir/coconut – mats made of it are robust, very dense and due to their great weight, they fit well to the floor. They have a high cleaning capacity, absorb moisture well and do not fray. We supply coir mats either in a natural light brown color, or they can be dyed in different shades.

The synthetic materials from which cleaning mats are made include, for example, polyamide fibers/nylon and polypropylene - all fibers are firmly fixed in the substrate, do not break, do not fall out.

Custom cleaning mats / with logo

We can custom-make mats in any size and shape, at the same time they can bear, for example, a company logo or other image. This can either be cut out and inserted into the surface in a different color, or it can be printed.

The edges of the mat should be provided with a run-in rubber, or the mat can be inserted into a prepared frame in the floor. In a less traditional way, mats can also be installed wall-to-wall in the entire area: for example, in an apartment in the mountains, the investor wanted to lay a mat instead of a carpet in the entire entrance hall and on the stairs leading to the living areas (see image below).