date: 03/30/2023

The inspiration for the designs of the Freestile collection came from the world's metropolises and their different cultures, from Antwerp to Marrakech and Paris to Geneva. The author is the designer duo Kathrin and Mark Patel. They have created 14 different designs with unique arrangements in space, each in 4 colours.

The key element of the collection is the cutting of the designs into individual 50 x 50 cm tiles. Laying the squares without any constraints or planning creates new, original yet surprisingly harmonious motifs.

Intelligent designs ensure that every time the tiles are laid, a completely new, balanced and unique motif is created.

Thanks to the unique digital printing technology of the designs, the Freestile tiles gain a neffect and depth that makes them a unique original.

Suitable for highly frequented areas

The Freestile collection of contract tiles is specifically designed for highly frequented areas, hotels, shops, offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, airport terminals and many more. Thanks to its designs, it brings a touch of imaginative design inspired by multicultural environments to all commercial spaces.

Freestile collection in online catalog

High quality material ensures high durability

The surface of Freestile carpet squares consists of a highly durable, flat-woven structure with an attractive appearance, suitable even for allergy sufferers. The textile and back side of the carpet tiles are made from 100% recyclable materials. The Acoustic Plus Back Coating provides the tiles with excellent acoustic properties and dimensional stability.

The durability of Freestile contract tiles is equal to hard floor coverings, while retaining the benefits that only textile coverings offer:

  • excellent acoustic properties
  • high walking comfort
  • elimination of slipping hazards.