date: 09/27/2022

Natural material rugs

Natural materials are practically always in, whether they are wool, sisal, silk, linen or other types. Each of them has its own specifics and it is always a good idea to think carefully about which areas the carpet is intended for and what kind of traffic there will be.

Rugs from natural materials do not necessarily mean increased care for them or huge money invested in their purchase, as people usually think. There are, of course, luxurious handmade carpets for special customers, where prices per square meter climb from CZK 10,000 up. However, we also offer sisal or woolen carpets, which are significantly cheaper.

Most rugs from natural material do not need to be specially treated - they just usually do not tolerate moisture and should be luxed regularly.

Natural rugs can either be made of one material, or several materials are often used together - for example, sisal is combined with wool, silk with linen, wool with viscose, etc.

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Wool rugs

Wool is undoubtedly a traditional material for making rugs or carpets, woolen rugs are highly comfortable and easy to maintain. Natural wool carpets provide very good acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

In addition, wool is a slow-burning material, carpets made of it meet the relevant standards of non-flammability, and it is possible to install them even in areas with prescribed fire standards.

Rugs can also be made of mohair - a special type of wool obtained from Angora goats.

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Sisal rugs

Sisal fiber is obtained from the leaves of the agave sisal palm, and the flat-woven surface of sisal rugs offers many design possibilities.

Sisal fibers are also naturally resistant to fire, which is why sisal rugs are also a suitable choice in rooms with a fireplace or stove. On the other hand, sisals are not very suitable for humid environments, the natural fiber retains its natural absorbency and the carpet is destroyed more quickly.

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Silk rugs

Natural silk fiber is obtained from the cocoons of silkworm larvae. It is from this material that the most luxurious silk carpets are created, which have a naturally shiny appearance, softness to the touch and a smooth fiber surface.

Paradoxically, silk fibers are highly resistant to wear. However, this does not apply in a humid environment, it is harmful to these carpets and is not suitable for them.

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Linen rugs

Flax fiber (obtained from the flax stalk ) is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers. Linen rugs are also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, resistant to mold, pollen and dust. However, they are just as unsuitable for damp environments as other natural carpets.

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In our offer you will also find rugs made of cotton or others with the addition of viscose or lyocell. These are also natural-based materials, soft, delicate and very pleasant to the touch.

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