Client: J&T
Author: CMC Architects
Year: 2020
Photo: BoysPlayNice + BOCA Group

Under the leadership of the architectural team CMC Architects, a new J&T headquarters was established in Karlín, Prague. The building of the Rustonka administrative complex has a distinctive facade with a black-and-white geometric concept, which attracts attention from a distance. Most of the interiors are separated by glass partitions (with the possibility of pulling the curtains) and overall the aim was to illuminate the space so that employees and visitors feel as comfortable as possible.

Carpet tiles for the offices

Of course, our work was flooring installation - specifically the installation of carpets, carpet tiles and cement screeds. The choice of material for carpets was not complicated - we were looking for a contract and at the same time comfortable carpet in the prescribed shades, the result was Silky Seal. It is one of our best-selling carpets - durable and suitable for commercial areas, yet comfortably soft and also available in many colors.

In total, we installed almost 1,300 m2 of Silky Seal carpet in 3 shades.

Screed for the gallery and office walls

There is also the Magnus Art Gallery in the same building, which presents private collections by Czech and Slovak collectors and is open to the public. In this area, we applied our light cement screed to the floor and stairs, total of 295 m2. Base preparations in these areas included leveling the surface with a self-leveling compound and penetration (epoxy, silica sand backfill). After completion, it was necessary to seal the peripheral expansion joints with a flexible sealant and cut through the granted expansion joint.

Cement screeds have also been used on walls in this project.

A total of 360 m2 of gray wall screed in two coats is applied to the walls in the offices and meeting rooms on the upper floors.